About Me

Hi I’m Nicole Mayer, I’m a 26-year old tech enthusiast (well as of this writing) and I love to talk about gadgets, the latest tech stuff and news and updates about what’s happening in the tech industry. I live a few blocks away from my parents as well as my other relatives.

Being the most tech adept among the family has its pros and cons and in my family I have always been the go-to girl when it comes to how to make a Smart TV work, how to get Netflix streaming and stuff like that. Much to their delight and my relief as well, they understand easily when I explain the instructions and tips to them, that they won’t need to bother me afterwards. I guess its a gift that I can explain tech jargon in layman’s terms easily. That is why I started this blog so I can reach out a wider range of folks who may need someone to make tech stuff easy to understand for them. I am sure there’s people out there who may need my expertise and I am always glad to be of help.