Articles from January 2019

Return On Investment: The Key Metric In Judging SEO

There are many online marketers that would often wonder how to measure the return on investment of their SEO campaigns. A lot of people would measure SEO from their SEO campaigns through the money that comes in, however, it is not the right way to do it. There are actually some metrics that you would need to track down to get the exact results that you need.

The SEO ROI that you have should not be measured using one metric such as revenue. There are other things that may affect it. There are actually 11 key metrics that you need to look into when you want to know the exact ROI of your SEO.

The 11 Metrics That Affect Your SEO Campaign’s ROI
You can look into sites like to help you determine how you can calculate the ROI that you need. Below is a simple list of what are these metrics that you need to familiarize yourself with.

  • You need to look into an increase in Non-Branded Organic Search Traffic
  • You should also check the increase in Branded Organic Search Traffic
  • Check if there is an increase in the Total Organic Search Traffic
  • It is also important to look into an increase with the numbers of keywords that drive in web traffic
  • The increase in ranking positions in organic searches should also be considered
  • The number of page visits and its increase should also be added
  • Visit duration increase also need to be added into the mix
  • Check if there is a low bounce rate
  • The increase in inbound links also matter
  • The increase in conversion rate is also important
  • Finally, the increase in revenue is the most important metric to be considered

Increase With Your Revenue
This is the most valuable metric compared to the rest of the metrics mentioned above this is where most people tend to jump into when measuring their ROI in SEO campaigns. However, if you really want to know how well your site is doing online, then it also matters that you pay attention to all of the other metrics before you look into the revenue.